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About Us


ATG (Across the Globe) Tours is a well-established, innovative, and certified travel company having 20 years of experience in arranging featured tours across the globe with headquarters in the USA. The head of ATG, Vinod Gupta, is a seasoned world traveler, with the unique ability to put himself in your shoes - he understands your travel needs and desires, so provides you with the best touring experience.

A well-known and dynamic company trusted by 15,000 happy travellers, who not only book repeatedly with us but recommend our tours to their friends & family too, which is our biggest achievement. This is the reason we never focus on advertising, and it brings added responsibility to meet their expectations and we pride in taking that and try our best to make their travel memorable one. We love to provide exclusive and interesting touring experiences whether it is family tours, honeymoon tour packages, corporate tours, incentive tours, solo travelers, small group or big group tours.

A glimpse of Our Popular Tour packages
Out of many, some of ATG’s most popular destinations are Africa, Asia, and the Polar Regions. Our 12 Night Africa Tour is a sensational popular tour package offering safari by car, train, boat, and on foot. Accommodations ranging from luxury camps, sleeping inside the train, to famous colonial hotels. The Asian Cultural Tour is a real opportunity of a lifetime, to witness for the first time, the history and culture that was hidden from the western world for so many centuries. In our exciting Polar Region Tours, our clients will be able to explore some unique places which are hard to find. Each tour is unique, because the geography is so different, and so are the creatures, e.g., penguins in the south, and polar bears in the north.

What Makes ATG Tours Unique?
ATG Tours knows the art of excellence, we never outsource tour itineraries from others, 
we design itineraries ourselves based on our own world-touring experience and deep knowledge of destinations. Our travel experts keep on searching for new experiences, activities, cultures, and places, to make your travel diaries the best one. Whenever you contact us at our office, you will be guaranteed to chat with someone having good knowledge of the region and the terrain.

We offer customized travel packages for any part of the world, including all 7 continents, 100+ destinations, private jet tours, luxury Cruises, Group Tours, Wildlife tours, adventure tours, weekend tours, romantic tours, and guided tours of the ancient cultures. No matter what your needs and your destination are, ATG Tours gives personal attention and aims to fulfil your travel desires. Having huge experience, we are ready to plan captivating and interesting tour packages exclusively for you.

Our Motto:
“TO GIVE YOU THE WORLD CLASS TRAVEL EXPERIENCE YOU DESERVE, AT A REASONABLE COST”. We consider that customer is the supreme authority and has the full right to enjoy the best services if he is paying for it. Therefore at “ATG Tours” we promise to deliver quality services at unbeatable prices.
All our trips are personally vetted by us. Basically, we go first to be sure that everything is as it should be. We negotiate and arrange all travel details directly. Everyone who takes care of you on your journey is employed by ATG Tours, responsible to us, and by extension, to you.

Our Achievements:
We have earned a bundle of faith and love from our clients and so received several awards & recognitions for our outstanding performances in arranging world-class tours. We truly care for all our customers that is why we work 24*7 with full dedication to earn their loyalty through our innovative approach in providing an enhancing and high-quality travel experience. Customer satisfaction is our biggest achievement.