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The famous American author John Hemingway said ‘If I have ever seen magic, it has been in Africa.’ The land of savannahs, safaris and the breathtaking Sahara could not have been described better. To the uninitiated it is a land of surprises, to the wanderer, an emotion, and to the traveler, home.

The blazing colors of sunset slowly turning to warm hues, the slope of a lioness as she marks her prey, the tripod of a giraffe as it bends to take a sip of water, the tufts of white cloud lazily wafting across the iridescent blues of the sky. As you experience the beauty of Africa you cannot help but think….the canvas of this great continent could only have been painted by the hands of God.

The little giggle that escapes your throat as you observe a naughty baby rhino tease his mother, the stiffness in your spine when a herd of tuskers notice your presence, the rush of fear tinged with adrenaline as you watch a lion race towards fleeing gazelle and the warmth that fills your heart as you match steps with the natives to the beat of their drums.

Come experience Africa with us! The continent, the magic and the emotion. 

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Be it the vast expanse of Kazakhstan or the chaotic streets of Hanoi, the diversity of its religions or the night life of Bangkok, Asia has for long fascinated travelers from across the world. According to Greek mythology, Asia was named after the goddess that gave birth to Atlas, the Titan that holds up the world. Home to the largest population in the world, it opens its arms wide to welcome every kind of traveler. Food lovers can satiate their gastronomical urges in its belly, mountaineers can conquer its challenging peaks, the romantics can roam its pristine beaches and for those that just want to let their hair down, the pulsating nightlife remains unmatched.

Vietnam, Thailand and Myanmar remain the old favorites but for those that want to scratch deeper than the surface, there are hidden gems waiting to be uncovered. The unexplored islands of Indonesia for the Robinson Crusoe experience, Lion City Singapore and its culinary culture, the ornate shrines and bygone era of Cambodia and the undulating landscape of China. Asia is one of the most magnificent continents and continues to remain a favorite of people from all walks of life

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Deep azure skies stretching lazily across myriad geological wonders, sun kissed beaches, never ending deserts of the Outback and native flavors to tickle your palate, Australasia is wild, wonderful and vast. With a generous helping of some of the world’s most beautiful sights, this is a land that embraces nature. Diverse topographies and ecosystems, mesmerizing underwater marine life and untouched landscapes, all waiting to be explored.

On one hand there are the underwater worlds of the Great Barrier reefs while on the other is New Zealand’s Kaikoura with its magnificent whales. Beautiful desert panoramas in Queensland and snowy glaciers of South Island - there is so much to choose from. Let the glowworms in the Waitomo caves light up your world, spend a night under the Milky Way, enjoy a barbecue on Bondi beach or gush at the innocence of a koala as it sleeps.

There are numerous wonders here you could write home about. So make those travel plans, pack your bags and fill those postcards with unforgettable memories as you feast on a traditional Maori meal under these unsullied skies. 

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Europe brings to mind a gigantic cauldron, with a liberal dash of history, culture, art and beautiful landscapes all thrown in for a perfect mix. There are so many cultural experiences that almost everyone hopes to have that European adventure some time in their life.

History stands still in the famous landmarks in England and wine has a heady flavor of love in France. The canals and alleys of Italy make you want to get lost in its embrace, while the laidback pace of Spain gives respite to the weary. There is no way one can travel to Europe and not be awestruck by its beauty, its opulence and its diversity. However hard anyone may sell this continent, only your own experience helps you create your own story.

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Eat, pray, love! India offers you all three. Multi-cultural cuisine to satisfy your gastronomical urges, yoga, meditation and spirituality as passed down by the great masters, and an opportunity to fall in love with this land and its people.

Stretching from the peaks of the mighty Himalayas with freezing temperatures, to the southernmost tip boasting an ideal tropical climate, India is like a wonderland, full of surprises. Natural and manmade wonders woven into an intricate tapestry, elephants and tigers roaming its dense jungles, astounding temples and magnificent palaces, and above all a monument dedicated to love - the Taj Mahal!

The sights, sounds and smells of this exotic country can be intense and overwhelming at first but also addictive. No visitor goes back quite the same. 

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North and Central America

Welcome to America - the land of dreams! An extraordinary continent on everyone’s travel list. Gigantic forests merge with fiery volcanoes, teeming cities get swallowed up by colossal canyons, eclectic streets blend into picturesque mountains. Not all grapes are sour, is what the wine growers in California would tell you, and not all chocolates are sweet as per the Costa Ricans. Indulge yourself with a bit of both!

Banff makes you dream of clear lakes and snow-capped peaks. Hawaii brings to mind the dreamy beaches. New York beats in tune to your heart and Hollywood churns up memories of timeless movies. The third largest continent in the world with temperatures ranging from icy cold in Greenland to tropical in the Caribbean. Fascinating wildlife, an array of national forests, white sandy beaches and never ending amusement parks-there is something for all age groups. America, after all, is where dreams come true.

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Polar Regions

Be it the North Pole or the South, you cannot help but fall in love and be moved by the beauty of either. For some, it is the wildlife, while for others it could be the wilderness that lures them to these remote destinations. Natural phenomena like the Northern Lights or Aurora Borealis are another attraction.

Both are at the extreme ends of the world, While the Arctic is more approachable with a slightly less harsh climate, the Antarctic fulfills our wildest imagination. Both are covered in ice and snow and spend half the year in complete darkness or sunlight. Penguins are only seen in Antarctica while Polar bears inhabit the Arctic. Whales, however, are not partial and prefer both.

The beauty of the Arctic and Antarctica is beyond expectation and continues to haunt long after. These destinations are a stark reminder to every visitor of the power and purity of nature. 

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South America

Conjure up images of palm-laden beaches, snow-capped mountains, rainforests infested with exotic wildlife and majestic colonial buildings, relics of a glorious past. That is South America for you. Walking through the towns and cities you are transported back in history, getting a peek into the ancient Incan and Aztec cultures.

Be it a visit to the oldest desert in the world, Atacama in Chile, or the high altitude Andes mountains, nestling the freshwater lake Titicaca in Bolivia, this continent gave us our passion for soccer, enticed us with their samba and impressed us with their horse riding skills. Diverse cultures welcome you in its different countries with their own distinct flavor. Most importantly is its unmistaken ‘joie de vivre’ that hits you the moment you set foot in it.  

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