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The 2016 Olympic Games focuses the limelight on Rio de Janiero and gave the planet an extra dose of the spotlight to Brazil. If love for games put a trip to Brazil on your bucket list, read on for the best reasons to visit this lively country.

Brazil is the largest countries as well as one of the most distinct and captivating nations in the world, the country has one of the most glorious economies in the world. This country is full of interesting history, culture, religion, and wonderful sports as well. With loving people, greenery, and different species of animals this country is enveloped by a terrific Amazon rain forest and lovely tropical oceans. The Amazon River, Iguaçu Falls, and Rainforest are the main attractions in a country that has around 62 National Parks and hundreds of conservation zones.

The beaches are terrifically cool ….
With more than 1400 beaches to select from and more than 500 charming island delights, it is going to be very tough to select which one to visit first. The salty sea slurping against the bits of the sandy shore as far as the eye can see, while the wind mutters through the branches of the palm trees is totally one of the best reasons to plan Brazil tour.

CARNIVAL fever is ON ….
Alluring Brazil is famous among locals and tourists for its hugely popular Carnival, extreme colorful costumes, parties, and street dancing that carry on until sunrise, bringing the city to life. Rio has set a good standard when it comes to Carnival.

Enjoy pleasant weather every day:
With seasonal rainfall spots giving little relief from the scorching tropical heat, super sunny beach days, warm evenings, means that you can go for outdoor adventure every day! Go hit the place and sense the tropical sensation.


They have big hearts for tourists.
Brazilians treat every visitor as if they were old lost friends that they have been waiting for years to meet up with again. The tourism sector contributes a good amount to the country’s economy and Brazilians make a point to stand by it…


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    Our tour prices come with a guarantee of complete refund up to a period of 121 days before departure, depending on which tour you opt for and with the exception of the Polar and Arctic expeditions. For details you can refer to our terms and conditions.

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