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Is an Egypt tour in 2021 on your travel list? Do you ever dream of being able to visit most inspiring temples, huge tombs, and big pyramids in real life for yourself? Of sailing down the Nile, witnessing from closer the golden death mask of King Tutankhamun, or dining on customary Egyptian food? Well, this just might be your year to explore your way. Here are some inspiring reasons why you should choose one of our Customized Egypt vacation packages.

While planning vacations one of our biggest concern is the cost and, of course, this always seems to be costly when destinations are very far so as increasing airfare rates. However, if you think of planning Egypt vacations in 2021 it is surprisingly inexpensive and a fit for all budgets.

Pocket-friendly Accommodation - There are several accommodation options available throughout Egypt and even the most luxurious ones are less in price as compared to other European cities, say, Paris or New York City. It will add advantage to your trip, and you can even save more money by opting for a more budget-friendly route or pamper yourself on a more lavish property for the same price that you would pay for a midrange option elsewhere.

Shopping Tour – As far as shopping is concerned, bargaining is a huge part of Egyptian culture and while you should be knowing that you will always pay more than the locals, do not worry by then you can find some great deals. Things like tea and spices will cost half in Egypt and here you can buy some great hand-crafted goods from local artists having great quality and value for reasonable prices. After all, who would not select a handmade Egyptian dress over a made in China one?

Climate - Egypt’s Warmer Climate makes it an ideal place to visit throughout the year. Love the heat? Then you will surely love Egypt. While the locals may be seen packed up with woollens in the winter, many North Americans cherish the climate as it does not go below freezing. The thing that you would love about Egypt guided tour is that your personal tour expert really knows how to make the most of your time. At ATG Tours you will get skilled guides who have learned how to best avoid the worst of the crowds, as well as the scorching heat of the day. 

Nile Cruise – OMG sailing in a Nile cruise is really a wonderful experience of a lifetime, it is one of the best things to do in Egypt, and an absolute must for any tourist. For those who have experienced a cruise before or are anxious about the idea of a cruise being too huge or maybe frightening; worry not. Nile cruises tour offer you smaller riverboats and are constructed more for sight-seeing and relishing your surroundings rather than partying. 

What about the food? After all, most of the travelers especially plan holiday tour packages to tantalize their tastebuds. Food plays a big role in travel and, for many, one of the most important characteristics of selecting a travel destination. Well, do not worry because Egyptian cuisine is amazingly delicious and cheap as well. Along with lots of veggies with the most popular meats being chicken, rabbit, duck, and pigeon. Beef and lamb are also offered, but not much common. Along with the coastal areas, can taste the fresh fish and seafood cuisines as well.

ATG Tours Advantages

  • Quality and Experience

    With over 20 years of experience, ATG tours is a well-established travel company with an expertise for arranging featured tours across the globe. 15,000 satisfied travelers vouch for our credibility, and their loyalty over the years is what we pride ourselves on.

  • Outstanding Value

    Our comprehensive packages are inclusive of airfare, accommodation, sightseeing, and in addition we add the little touches that are based on your individual preferences. For us you are unique, and hence your holiday should be too. We also allow you a little time away from the group, to explore destinations on your own, or perhaps grab a meal at a special restaurant, if you so desire.

  • Book with Confidence

    Our tour prices come with a guarantee of complete refund up to a period of 121 days before departure, depending on which tour you opt for and with the exception of the Polar and Arctic expeditions. For details you can refer to our terms and conditions.

  • Included Activities and Sightseeing

    We offer exclusive sightseeing experiences, multiple activities, varied culinary delights and special access to all those places on your bucket list. Some tours allow for free time so you can explore your favorite destinations at your pace, though it is not mandatory to buy additional “optional” tours. Our tour guides, if asked, would be happy to share their recommendations.

  • Local Expertise

    Our tour leaders and guides come with years of experience and ensure you savor the sights and unique flavor of every city you visit. The unwritten stories, the hidden cafés, the disappearing traces of an ancient ruin-our local experts are a treasure house of fascinating snippets and information. With ATG you don’t just visit a destination, you feel its pulse.

  • Expert Advice and Support, 24-7-365

    We offer support and advice 24/7 to our customers 365 days. Our team of dedicated professionals work round the clock to ensure we win not just your loyalty but your hearts too. Our work begins from your first query till you are back home.

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