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When most of us think of the Polar Zones, what comes to mind - North Pole, South Pole, year-round snow and ice, extreme cold, penguins and polar bears. Both poles are uninhabitable. The main difference is that the North Pole is a lot of ice in the middle of the water, surrounded by landmasses, while the South Pole is a lot of ice lying on top of the continent of Antarctica, surrounded by ocean, with a few islands. Another notable point is that polar bears only live in the Arctic, while penguins only live in Antarctica.

In the Arctic region, the polar ice pack is navigable in our summer months. Outside of the North Pole, as you travel south, habitats range from snowy desert to green tundra, and from forest to mountains. Ocean currents such as the Gulf Stream moderate the climate, e.g. Norway is warmer than Siberia at the same latitude. 60% of the Arctic is the ocean, covered mostly by year-round sea ice. Greenland, the largest island in the world, is mostly covered by glaciers. Abundant wildlife is found in the Arctic – polar bears, puffins, arctic foxes, whales, walruses, seals, and millions of seabirds.

The continent of Antarctica lies in the southern hemisphere. Most of it is dry, extremely windy, and brutally cold high desert, which includes the South Pole. The coasts and islands of Antarctica, while still very cold, are warmed just enough by the ocean currents to be habitable, and the waters are navigable in our winter months - depending of course on weather and sea ice.

The coastal waters of Antarctica teem with krill, a kind of tiny crustacean, supporting six species of penguins – The Emperor, the King, the Adelie, the Gentoo, the Chinstrap, and the Macaroni - along with numerous types of seals, whales and literally millions of sea birds. The native Antarctic wildlife has no natural predators, so they’re quite relaxed and willing to provide endless photo ops for intrepid human visitors to the region.

For both the Arctic and Antarctica, ATG Tours provides an unforgettable polar expedition experience, as you cruise through the ice pack, and see the sights that few people on earth ever see.

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    All tour prices are guaranteed and deposits are fully refundable up to 121 before departure (depending on the tour). Excludes Arctic and Polar Expeditions - see full booking terms and conditions for details.

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